Scandinavian timber trade

Fornello Oy is a Finnish company. Main branch is roundwood trading and agency, also software business and consulting in wood purchasing.

Welcome to the sources of sawlogs, pulpwood, energy chips, and energy wood!

Are you looking for a reliable partner for deliveries of sawlogs, pulpwood, energy chips, or energy wood? You are in the right place. Fornello Oy can supply you with high-quality raw materials for both industrial use and energy production. Fornello Oy offers an excellent opportunity for sustainable forest biomass procurement, and we are proud to offer quality and sustainable raw materials.

Why choose Fornello Oy as your supplier?

1. Adequate resources: The Baltic Sea region offers plenty of opportunities for the production of all kinds of forest-based products without jeopardizing the sustainability or biodiversity of the forests. Through its extensive network of cooperation, Fornello Oy sources all materials from the best and most cost-effective sources at any given time – to your advantage as well!

2. Sustainable forest management: Forestry is practiced responsibly and sustainably. Forests are managed in a way that preserves their ecological diversity, and there is a balance between forestry and nature. Compliance with laws and regulations is a given. In addition, Fornello Oy has a chain of custody certificate in both the FSC® and PEFC certification systems. Naturally, REDII rules are also followed.

3. High quality: We use the best practices and technologies to ensure that our products meet the agreed upon specifications and comply with quality and purity standards.

4. Reliable supply chain: By collaborating with local partners, we can ensure a continuous and reliable supply chain. Our efficient logistics networks enable precise and secure deliveries to your destinations.

How can we serve you?

Roundwood and trading

Software business